5 Moments Not to Miss on Safari

Going on a safari can be a once in a lifetime experience, the whole safari is an adventure and you don’t want to miss any moment of it, but some moments are more memorable than others and could make all the difference in your trip!

Which moments are unmissable?

Briefing time
When you arrive at your lodge, or when you meet your safari guide, they will explain the protocols and procedures of the camp, this includes security rules such as: don’t walk to or from your room alone at night – a scout will escort you, and while on game drives to keep your voice low and stay inside of the vehicle. You will also be informed of the meal times and activities you can enjoy!

Don’t miss the briefing time in order not to miss anything later and don’t hesitate to ask all your questions and tell the staff if you need anything special whether it is a dietary requirement or if you really want to see, or know more about, a specific animal, they will do their best to satisfy you – even though no guide can guarantee you will see pack of wild dogs!

05:30am Breakfast
Yes, the 05:30, or even 5:00am in summer, breakfast is absolutely unmissable! You might be tempted to stay in bed a little bit before your early morning drive and skip the food – “there’s always the mid-game drive tea anyway” – BUT these very early breakfasts are part of your safari adventure! It provides the opportunity to talk with the people who may be joining you on your game drive, or even exchange tales with your guide pre-safari!

There’s a very special and unique atmosphere during the breakfast, the excitement of going on a game drive or walking safari is growing and the air is still a bit chilly, the sun starts to rise and the colours are beautiful! Plus, getting up early ensures you make the most of the day. And last but not least, in some places, breakfast is cooked on an open fire, and a fire toasted omelette is delicious.

1st Animal
If you are going on safari it probably means that you are dreaming of seeing wild animals. Maybe it’s a leopard or a lion, maybe an elephant or zebra, animals are the heart of a game drive. You will probably see plenty of them during your stay, maybe not all those you want to see, but you will have the opportunity to spot the wildest animals on the planet in the middle of their natural habitat.. what an amazing experience!

Each animal will amaze you but the very first one you spot is special, it is the first of all and first can never happen a second time. Keep your eyes open and savour this unique moment, you just met your first wild animal…

Your afternoon game drive will be divided into two parts with a break called “sundowner” in the middle. This break is one of the best moments of your safari, take the time to enjoy it, you will probably be happy to get out of your 4X4 vehicle, after sitting for around two hours, and enjoy a cold drink (and popcorn) while the sun is setting.

Why is the sundowner unmissable? Because the moment is unique! You are having a drink, probably surrounded by people you like, while standing in the middle of one of the most untouched and wildest environments on earth whilst the sun is setting the way it can only do in Africa. The feeling this moment gives you is amazing, and if you reflect on it it will probably give you chills.

View Photos
As we said a safari is a unique experience, maybe you won’t have another opportunity to do it, regardless you will want to make memories forever, to share with your friends and family but also for yourself. For this reason, a camera is a very important item on a what to pack list and you might take thousands of pictures. While on the game drive you probably won’t want to keep your eyes on your camera to check how your pictures look but in order to make sure you have good memories to reflect on, a good moment not to miss is reviewing your pictures at the end of the day and checking you got the shot you dreamt of! If not, try again the next day. This “safari moment” also applies to the time when you will finally share this incredible journey with your friends and family. Safari means “long journey” and what is a long journey when there is no home at the end? Sharing your adventure is also part of it… and maybe you’ll give the travel ideas!

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