Why not consider safari for your honeymoon?

If you are planning your wedding, you know you have millions of decision to make and one of them – last but not least – is choosing your honeymoon destination. Everyone will have an opinion about it whether on the destination, length of trip or even type of accommodation!

From the classic Maldives escape to the crazy adventure of backpacking South East Asia the options are endless. And one of these options is not often on the top of the list but after all, it’s going to be a unique trip in your life so why not consider safari for your honeymoon?

When going on a honeymoon you are probably looking for privacy and serenity. Well we know no better place than the bush to find it! A safari is a great option for your honeymoon as it offers retreat, remoteness and calm, just what you’ll need after a wedding. It will just be the two of you, in the bush, especially if you pick a less known destination such as Zambia – far from the beaten path – choosing to join every game drive or just picking the evening one to enjoy a long morning in your room! You’ll have the afternoon to enjoy the pool, nap in a hammock or wander in the camp to spot an elephant.

Kakuli Bushcamp


While on a safari everybody finds what they are looking for: adventure packed holiday with walking safari, canoe trip, boat safari and game drive or slow holiday with long sundowner, pool time and candlelit dinner! Of course, you can have the best of both worlds and start with an early safari before ending the day with a sundowner in the bush and a candlelit dinner overlooking the floodplain.

Going on safari is a sure way of getting lost in the African beauty and benefiting from an amazing level of service. The lodge will always do their best to make you feel special and if they know you’re on your honeymoon they’ll add some surprises to celebrate this very special occasion!

Safari might be the dream option as it’s a once in a lifetime trip, one of those you’ll never forget. It will offer you picturesque and extraordinary landscapes very few people get to experience. And you will share these moments with your new partner. The magic of watching a leopard in the wild for the first time is indescribable.

Royal Zambezi


Looking for very luxurious accommodation or more simple lodges? When choosing a safari for your honeymoon you will have many options to fit almost any budget! We’ll make your experience magical whatever option you choose.

Safaris are full of romantic moments, either during game drives, when you spot a rare animal in its natural habitat, when the sun sets on the bush or when you’re enjoying a candlelit dinner with nature as your soundtrack.

Deciding on a honeymoon destination is far from easy – unless you always knew where you want to spend your first holiday as a married person. But by choosing safari for your honeymoon you have the guarantee of finding the perfect trip for you: luxury or budget, adventure packed or chilled!

Finally, safari lodges are startling, they add a lot to your honeymoon experience. Whether you decide on bush camps or lodges you’ll experience the best of African nature and magnificent landscapes all from the comfort of your spectacular accommodation!

Chongwe River Camp


Imagine exploring South Luangwa going from bush camp to bush camp, eating under the stars and waking up as the sun rises before ending your trip in a pool? Or opting to visit, the still very unknown, Lower Zambezi National Park and stay in the beautiful Royal Zambezi Lodge or at Chongwe River Camp. Whatever you are looking for you’ll find your dream accommodation and itinerary in Africa!

Safari honeymoon is far from the average beach holiday and you’ll remember it forever. And if you want to add some spice to it, extend your honeymoon going to one of the world’s wonder, Victoria Falls, Lake Malawi or why not end your holiday in Zanzibar?

Tell us what is your dream and we’ll make it come true!



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