Are safaris expensive?

If someone asks this question the first answer coming is likely to be yes or even oh, yes, very expensive! But is it really this expensive? Well, there’s no doubt that most people would say that it is a big amount of money, and we can’t disagree. But let’s consider it the other way around, let’s think about what a safari experience is. When you think about what you get while going on such an adventure, is a safari expensive? Let’s investigate!

First, we need to say that “expensive” means to you, safaris can really vary depending on what you are willing to do. From a family lodge to a luxurious bush camp, simple tent to a private chalet, options are endless. Budget, mid-range or high end, you’ll find the safari of your dreams and we will be very happy to make your dream trip become a reality!


Lodges and bush camps in Africa are unique and nowhere else in the world will you find an outside shower with a floodplain view and elephants wandering around. This alone would explain the prices of these lodges in the middle of nowhere.

Prices can also be explained by the fact they are remote. If you give it thought you’ll realise how much logistical planning staying in such a place involves in terms of building the premises but also running! Yes, remoteness has a price, but we swear when you’ll lay in your bed, under the mosquito net, with the soundtrack of the bush, after a good dinner and a night drive you won’t have any regret!


Malawi and Zambia will offer you an amazing level of service at every level! The ratio staff guest is an average of 1:3, which means that you’ll be looked after like nowhere else in the world – not to mention the friendliness of people. It will result in you experiencing very good food and a constant availability of staff to answer every need you might have! The luxury of feeling at home away from home is what safari will offer you!

National Parks and activities

National Park entry fees and activities add up to the price of your safari of course, but they are precisely the reason why you’re going on safari! The access to the most preserved places on planet earth, the opportunity to see wild animals in their natural habitat all this while being accompanied by professional and knowledgeable guides who will uncover for you all the bush’s secrets is a privileged opportunity! A moment you’ll never forget, and this is rare enough to take it into account!

A safari requires quite a budget but it does include everything except drinks (although sometimes local drinks), which means 5 meals a day, tea & water available whenever you want, 2 game drives or activities a day depending on camps, accommodation, guide, vehicle and competent, personable staff available 24/7. It might be worth seeing how many destinations offer you such a package!

Spending your money meaningfully

Choosing safari holidays isn’t only picking your next destination. By spending your money on going on a safari, especially if you chose to work with an on the ground tour operator, you’re getting involved in developing the country. The money invested in your trip is redistributed widely and the community benefits from it. The agent commission help employees to improve their life, the money spent on accommodation creates the living for hundreds of people (builders, waiters, maids, cooks, gardeners, drivers, guides etc. etc..), park fees are necessary to protect these wildlife areas and contribute to the work of NGO’s such as African parks.

Picking a safari for your next adventure is showing your love for our planet, wildlife and raising awareness of the beauty of Africa!

A once in a lifetime experience

More than all these points, going on a safari is a once in a lifetime experience. The first time you’ll go out in the bush is unique and the feeling a safari holiday will give you is like no other. Each person is different but each one is experiencing a deep feeling while on safari. Not many places can give you what you’ll receive while on a safari. The remoteness and the absence of tourists in some places such as South Luangwa or Malawi make this moment even more unique and if it adds to the price it increases the emotion of the moment!

All in all, yes, a safari is an expensive experience, but it is also a priceless one. Nowhere else in the world you would experience what you’ll live on safari. And we bet that it would be hard to find someone who went on a safari and doesn’t believe it was worth every dollar spent!

 A key thing to remember is safaris aren’t a set price. We have tours ranging in price from low to high. Explore our tours to find a tour which suits you or get in touch and let us know your budget and we can customise a tour to meet your requirements. 

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